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The Public sector includes all businesses that are operated or owned by the government. It’s aim is to benefit all the public citizens as it is indirectly being funded by the citizens who are tax payers which is why is it called the public sector (Canton, 2015). The public sector in a country is usually divided into several departments or ministries. In Brunei, we use ministries to differentiate the sections, i.e. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, etc. And by doing this, each section has different responsibilities to make sure the country is being controlled properly. This gives the public sector power but it is does not function to make profit, only for the greater good of the country. In most countries, like Brunei Darussalam,…show more content…
These products are standardized and this makes the products specially developed and designed (Canton, 2015). This kind of production method is best used when making similar products that has different flavor and sizes. One very good example is toothpaste. Toothpaste has many different flavors such as, mint, whitening, and the ones with crystals. It has also different sizes for different consumers which makes this type of production very efficient. Computing how much you will make in one batch is the tricky…show more content…
Control - The organizational structure is built so that it is easier to control the business. It gives you a clear view of who’s in charge and who’s under who. You can also see the different functions your business have so that it will be hard to get confuse of how you see your business and how it actually works. 2. Communication – Communication is very important to any business. Staffs must know who their bosses are and who to talk to when the occasion arises. People in the business must see to it that they speak to the right person and must not skip the person above them. 3. Coordination – Communication and coordination comes hand in hand. Everyone in the business must work as a team and help each other out so that every can do their jobs efficiently. As a team, they must work together even though they are in different department and to it that the job is

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