Sun Dance Ceremony Summary

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1. What Is the Importance of the Sun Dance Ceremony? What Is Its Function in the Community?
It is the sacred ritual which is performed by Native Americans as a way of saying to the gods “we have nothing to give but our bodies.” The rite is primarily done to beg for the life or healing of the sick through prayer, dance, and sacrifices, such as food or physical suffering. It is important to the community because it strengthens the people 's ties to their culture and traditions.
2. Why Was It Forbidden?
Governments outlawed the practice by persecuting its partakers, so they could control the exercises of religion. A new religion was enforced on Native Americans and was taught by the Christians that their traditional ways were evil.
3. What Happened
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Afro-Cubans did not view both religions as contradictory and instead developed religious syncretism.
6. Why Could They Not Practice Yoruba out in the Open?
Yoruba was practiced in secret to avoid religious persecution. It was conducted orally to succeeding generations, and the community was kept tightly bound with initiation ceremonies.
7. Summarize the Letter from a Birmingham Jail.
The letter was written by Martin Luther King and addressed the racial injustice happening in Birmingham and why he has been imprisoned. Here he appealed to his fellow clergymen on how to end this injustice and why the laws of segregation are unjust by quoting famous philosophies and applying it to the situation in Birmingham. King also explained what he aimed to achieve in advocating a non-violent direct action.
8. How Does Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Use Christianity in His Appeal in the Letter from a Birmingham Jail?
King uses elements from the Christian faith, such as analogies with events in the Bible, and quotes the teachings of saints regarding the law in presenting his appeal, such as St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas.
9. How Does King Suggest Determining If a Law is Just or
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Who Is St. Augustine that King Quotes as Saying "An Unjust Law Is no Law at all"?
King was referring to St. Augustine of Hippo, who was a theologian and philosopher. His teachings helped shape Western concepts in Christianity and philosophy.
11. How Does King Describe Non-Violent Direct Action?
King openly advocates breaking unjust laws but with a willingness to accept the penalty of imprisonment. This demonstrates the highest respect for law and will arouse the community over its injustice.
12. Was His Approach in Birmingham Successful?
Yes, his campaign for a non-violent direct action led to the peaceful negotiation that eventually ended the segregation in Birmingham.
13. Are There Laws Today that People Protest Based on the Fact that They Are Unjust?
Yes. One example is Trump’s travel ban, which has no difference from the segregation laws in the 60’s. People have protested against the travel ban, with lawyers even providing free legal aid in airports to help citizens affected by the limitation.
14. Who Are the Sojourners?
Sojourners are a community of the people who discuss the relationship between religious beliefs and political issues. They established a publication expressing their convictions and dedicating them to social justice and
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