Essay On Accounting Professional Practice

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5.2 Theoretical Knowledge The accounting professional practice provides me with a business environment to review and consolidate the theoretical knowledge that I learned at school. First of all, I have gained a general idea of the role of accounting in business, including how accounting is regulated in Australia, the basic accounting principles and their applications in business and the role of ethics and sustainability in accounting. Moreover, I learned the accounting procedures in the service business such as the most common accounts used in the company and the transaction recording process. In addition, I learned computerized accounting information systems about the main basic business transactions and how are they processed through the accounting software. Through this process, I also revised how to prepare bank reconciliation…show more content…
Strengths and Weaknesses In the process of professional practice, I realized that my strength is working hard. Whenever I get a task from my boss, I would not stop working until it is done. Hard working is the best and surest way to arrive to goals and it can help me to complete the work in a given time. Another strength is the problem solving ability, which enables me to recognize the problem, analyze the relevant information, understand reasons and impact relationships and choose the best solution to solve the problem. However, there are some weaknesses that I need to overcome. I have no previous experiences in accounting field, so I spent more time than necessary on tasks. I want tasks to be the best I can make them before I hand them over, which affect the work efficiency. Moreover, I find out that language is another barrier in workplace. Sometimes I could not express my ideas very clearly in English, which has negative effect on communication. In the following professional practice, I will enhance my professional skills to improve work efficiency and practice oral English as much as possible to improve communication
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