Thermal Insulation: Why Do People Use Thermal Insulation?

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Thermal insulation is very helpful in keeping things warm for a long a long period. According to Ron Kurtus, 2014, thermal insulation is the method of stopping the transferring of heat into another material. There are many things that thermal insulation could be used. There are places of objects that use thermal insulation to keep it away from heat or keeping it hot. According to Ron Kurtus, 2014, people use thermal insulation in because if the weather is cold they use jackets to keep them warm; the second is that houses uses thermal insulation to keep them from having high temperature inside; and the last is if a person wants to keep them hot, then they would a thermos that has thermal insulation. As seen from above, thermal insulation is…show more content…
Heat is used in many other things and not only for heating or cooking foods or specifically soup. According to Sasha Maggio, 2017, heat is important to all aspects of life, especially among plants and animals. According to Sasha Maggio, 2017, heat is important because this is vital for mammal survival, plant survival, energy and safety, and for creating fire. For mammal survival, animals or humans tend to heat their body by shivering to help in increasing their body temperature (Maggio, 2017). For plant survival, not only the plants need water and sunlight to grow and be healthy, they also need heat. If a farmer wants to plant earlier or later in the growing season, he or she will have to use greenhouses to keep heat from escaping and making a suitable climate for plant survival (Maggio, 2017). Heat can be used in producing energy and for safety. Solar energy makes use of heat by trapping it and converting it to energy that a household or a community can use (Maggio, 2017). For safety, heat is used to cook food and with this help, the microorganisms that can cause illnesses will decrease or diminish and the person can eat it safely (Maggio, 2017). In addition, the last is for creating fire. Heat is used in creating fire to cook food if a person is out in the wilderness and it is used to help fire fighters. Creating a fire to put out by the fire fighters can help them in their training because they will be able…show more content…
The soup was chosen because it is healthy and it is easy to make. Soups are in the liquid state, which means that it can store heat properly (Woodford, 2017). Soups are eaten before the main course. Soup is a healthy food that is for everyone to consume. This is why soup is chosen as the food used in the study. Different containers that can hold soup will be used in this experiment like plastic containers, metal containers, glass containers and more containers that are available in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to Kelli Foster, 2017, soup is a combination of ingredients like meat or fish and vegetables that are well covered with water or stock and brought to boil and then simmer. According to Karina, 2014, there are six reasons why a person should eat soup: the first one is that soup is delicious, the second is soup is healthy, third is because soup makes you feel full, the fourth reason is that soup is affordable to make, and the last reason is that soup can make a person feel better. According to Mary McCoy, 2016, the other reasons why people should eat food are the following: it will make a person satisfied; it reduces pains; it is high in fiber, low in fat and nutritious; and it is simple to reheat. The last reason that was given is also a reason why soup was chosen for the study that it be said that it is easy to reheat which means that it should be put in a container to hold it and that container

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