Importance Of Time Management Essay

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Life skills are the abilities for adaptive or positive behavior that help us on facing challenges in our daily life. Life skills should be train from childhood because it is a training ground to become a good person. The most important skill that should be train from childhood is time management. Time management is a budgeting process of effectively using your time that you have and getting rid of “useless” time. Why time management is important? The reason that we need to master the use of time management is the time is limited, we can be more self-discipline and can improving our skill making decisions. Time is a very valuable because it is limited that have only twenty four hours in a day. People will find themselves thinking that twenty…show more content…
We must be punctual all time by following the schedules that we make so that we are not having problems upon finishing our work. If we got multiple works to finish in one evening, then make the appropriate amount of time to complete the works. In the other words, it can enable us to do the right thing on the right time. This will of course lead to be more balance and fulfillment in our life. Another way to go about to improving our time management is to list down the amount of the work and the time that we free to finish our work. So that, even more works that we got we still can finish our work. Besides, it will improve us to be more creative and productive using time management skills and tools. Many people do not know that punctual is very important to us especially on doing work. We must be punctual follow our schedule so that we can finish and submit our work on time. If we had lose a single time means that we have lose the game because every single time is very meaningful. Without have plan on how to manage time, it will create chaos and will seem as if there is not enough time in one day to finish our daily task. Every day will be challenge to finish our task. From different point of view, we can release our stress because we had schedules already so we just need to follow the schedules and not need to worry about our work or night’s
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