Importance Of Total Quality Management In Tourism

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Faculty of Commerce (English Section) Cairo University
MBA Unit

Total Quality Management
Tourism Development Projects

A Master Thesis submitted for the award of the degree of
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Professor Dr. Samir Allam

Prepared by
Naglaa Mohsen Fathalla

Chapter One


Chapter One

Contents of the Chapter:

An Overview. The research problem. The research objectives. The research importance. The research hypotheses. Research Methodology The research limitations.

An Overview

The globalization of market economy has forced corporations in tourism sector to focus on maintaining a sustainable competitive edge, which is directly related to maintaining quality. Total Quality Management (TQM) is considered an effective model of such a vision. The importance of total quality management in the tourist industry has risen to a fabulous level because of the growth of competitiveness of new tourist destinations and the change in preferences of tourists' behavior.

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Some studies conducted by (Powell 1995; Easton and Jarrell 1998; Fotopoulus and Psomas 2010) found positive relation between these variables, while other studies conducted by (Boje and Winsor 1993; Taylor and Wright 2003) have shown that this relationship does not always exist. They related this to some reasons including employees or managers may lack the motivation to implement a real quality culture, the business implements the system inefficiently, or there is lack of support from the management. The quality of culture will lead the tourism establishments to a reputation where quality is the key for service industry and will able to attract many customers (Gokce,

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