Importance Of Tourism Destination

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As a consequence of globalization, the marketing of places has grown in importance as countries, regions and other individual destinations compete with one another to attract investment and visitors. In order to compete effectively, it is essential to identify the different factors that lead to the success of a destination and make sure that these are incorporated into one’s strategic planning.
The success of a tourist destination can be influenced by a wide range of factors. As a dynamic and complex industry, destination managers need to be continually monitoring, reviewing and evaluating tourism performance and management strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability of tourism in the destination. The strategic planning and ongoing management for a destination will contribute to the continuous improvement and success of a tourism destination. A wide range of research has been undertaken into the best practice of tourism organizations and destinations around the region. According to Hudson (2016), the first important factor to consider in the success of a tourist destination is the environment. Architecture, cleanliness, beauty and a unique appearance are all components of environment of a place, and each is integral to creating the right appearance. Presentation of a place visually is perhaps another thing to consider in creating a successful tourist destination, as people will judge a destination in a matter of seconds upon arrival. Second is

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