Importance Of Tourism

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For the illustration to be as a tourism commercial approach in the rural area, Limbang, it should be the way how the commercial will be perform and style used to signify a fundamental of the way to promote the rural area culture tourism, it is including the economics at the place, infrastructure, nature phenomenon, scenery, race, and the abilities of the area. This research identifies the available tour attraction within Limbang rural region in Sarawak, Malaysia. As well, the study seek to discover the function and application of an illustration style in commercializing tourism, in the same time, illuminate solution for the rural area features and activities to make the tourist, participants and local attracted and relate the signification of the tourism in the rural area. 1.1 Introduction Art add colours to the communities and creates branding opportunities for cities. Generally, top tourism destinations, mountain, lakes, national parks, nature phenomenon attraction, wilderness areas, developing countries, and cultural sites, are from rural area. Thus tourism is already an important feature of the rural economy in these specific sites. Apparently, that tourism is not particularly from known-well area, it is actually a stage of the developing world. There are vast swathes of rural areas for which tourism is not relevant for the foreseeable future, but still can be a tour place; it is due to the nature phenomenon that cannot be change. First and foremost, Limbang is a rural
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