Importance Of Tourism In Africa

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TOPIC: TOURISM TRENDS IN MOMBASA, KENYA AND THE FACTORS LEADING TO THE TRENDS OVER TIME REVIEW OF LITERATURE When we talk about tourism, the first thing that comes to mind is a holiday! There is no clear definition to tourism, but when one must put it in simple words, tourism can be defined as a vibrant and ever changing industry wherein there is an extreme need for the industry to adapt to customer needs and desires. Tourism centers mostly on satisfying individuals, and ensuring their enjoyment is the top priority. (WHAT IS TOURISM?, 2015) There are many suitable tourist destinations around the globe, but when one thinks of tourist destinations that promise scenery and adventure, Africa is a continent that immediately comes to mind. The industry potential in Africa is impressive and yet there are several factors that still hold back Africa as a tourist spot. The fact that most countries are either underdeveloped or still developing is a huge factor that is holding back the African tourism industry from growing at its best potential. (Naude, 2015) Keeping aside factors that determine the tourism trends in Africa, it is essential to shed some light on what the importance of tourism is in Africa. In Africa, there are many jobs that come out of the travel and tourist industry and hence tourism plays an important role in the African economy. Having a beautiful lodge, wildlife for display and beach locations is not enough to make tourism grow. One must focus on other factors
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