Importance Of Tourism In Goa

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Goa is a small state in India. Because of its scenic beauty, it attracts many tourists nationally and internationally. Hence, tourism is considered as the major industry in Goa. Mining is another industry it provides good employment for people in Goa and plays a key role for industrialization. Goa has a coastal length of 100 km between the Western Ghats (Sahyadri Hills), and the Arabian sea. It is bounded by 14o54’N to 15o 48’N and 73o41’E to 74o20’E. Goa is bordered by Maharashtra on its North and by Karnataka on its South and East. Nine rivers rise in the ghats and flow towards the Arabian Sea through Goa. From North to South these are; Tiracol, Chapora, Mandovi, Zuari, Sal, Saleri, Talpon, Loliem and Galgibag. Of these rivers,…show more content…
Climate : The atmospheric temperature of Goa varies between 15 and 39oC. The average relative humidity is around 80%. Based on the characteristics of climatic conditions prevailing throughout the year, the climate of Goa has been divided into four main seasons. These are a) Summer Monsoon Season (SMS): Summer monsoon season starts from June to September. During the season, the state receives sufficient rainfall, reaching an average of 300 cm annually. b) Fall Inter Monsoon Season (FIMS): FIMS starts from October to November. During this season northeast winds influence the…show more content…
Twenty four hour average sampling was done for days during pre monsoon season and four days during post monsoon season from 3 stations as shown in Fig.2. The mechanism of respirable dust sampler is based on centrifugal forces (cyclone separator). Ambient air carrying the suspended particles enter the system through an inlet pipe. As the air passes through the cyclone the coarse, non respirable fractions are separated from the air system by the action of centrifugal forces. These separated particles pass through a conical hopper of the cyclone and get collected in the sampling bottle at the bottom. The PM10 fraction passes through the cyclone and is carried by the air steam to be deposited on the filter paper placed between the top cover and filter adopter assembly. The PM10 fraction is retained here on the filter paper and the carrier air is exhausted from the system through the blower. The PM10 were retained on the filter paper. 2.2.2. Sampling: Faceplate was removed by loosening the wing nut. Filter paper was placed on the centre (on the support screen) with the rough side of the filter facing upwards. Reading of the elapsed time meter was recorded. The specified length of the sampling was 24 hours. After the required time of sampling, the flow meter reading was recorded,

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