Importance Of Tourism In India

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India is the seventh world 's largest country that stretches from the Himalaya Mountains to tropical Kerala the greenery tropics. The Himalaya Mountains forms an incredible crown of India to the Sea of Arabian, in the southern parts of the country. There are the golden desert sand to the west, and home of culture in the east of India. The country is inhabited by more than 1 billion people, with over 200 tribes. This high population provides a huge and extensive platform for different cultures. Away from the factors as a result of high population, the extensive land cover provides endless variety of monuments, beautiful landscapes, and natural sites to explore. It 's a perfect destination for tourists to see the ancient ruins, existing religious structures, and exotic towns and cities. It 's a place that will never stop fascinating foreign visitors, as well as, keeping them busy in the entire holiday trip. However, there are many other popular tourists ' places in India you may need to know and add to your list as you prepare for holiday tour. Let 's look at best five places that give tourists reason to visit India. 1. Taj Mahal - Taj mahal is located in Agra, and it comprises of immense white marble mausoleum built during the kingdom of Shah Jahan. It was constructed between 1630s and 1650s during the rule of Mughal Emperor to reflect memories of Shah Jahan 's best wife. - It was one of his favorite architectural design, and the best tourists ' destination in India today.

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