1970's: The Korean Tourism Industry

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Tourism industry in Korea has developed since 1970’s. Asian game in 1986 and Seoul Olympic in 1988 significantly contributed to development of Korean tourisn industry. Tourism industry, new resources in 21st century, is especially important to Korea because of lack of natural resources in it. So, tourism will be a leading industry in the korean economy of the 21st century. (Tourism Statistics) Thus, thesedays Korea makes efforts to advertise Korean tourism and attract foreign tourists, and in practice the number of foreign tourists who visit Korea has been increasing annually. According to UNWTO(United Nations World Tourism Organization), 14million of foreign tourists has visited Korea in 2014, and comparing with 2013’s it has increased 16.6%.…show more content…
In 2013, 61% of foreign tourists visited Korea for shopping. 41.3% of them visited Korea for food culture, 39% of them for natural scenery. Those who visited Korean for historical and cultural heritages were only 17.7%. (Choi, 2014) But depending on only shopping is unwise and dangerous, even though it is very important for Korean tourism industry nowadays. The reason why they go shopping in Korean is because of Korean dramas, Korean wave. So if Korean wave loses the power, it will also lose more than half of toursits who visit Korea for shopping. so, Korea have to diverse their tourism contensts to attract foreign tourists. No diversity of tourism contents means Korean tourism does not have its own, unique attraction. And it will be a biggest obstacle of development of Korean tourism, and attract tourists to visit…show more content…
But many problems are founded as Korean tourism industry is getting more and more advanced. First problem was inefficient Korean tourism quality assurance system. It is the complete opposite of QTS in Hong kong. And it provokes foreign tourists’ disappointment and inconvenience. Another problem was comformity of Korean tourism. Regions which are well-developed for tourism, and where foreign tourists visit are confined in Seoul metropolitan area. And also purpose of visitng Korea of foreign tourists only focused on shopping. As it has no diversity in Korean tourism, it can not satisfy tourists’ who want new things, as a result it can not invite foreign tourists as many as they expected and hoped for. The other one was insufficient of tourism services, especially information and language communication. For foreign tourists are confused of everything in Korea, the role of tourism services, such as providing precise information and helping with fluent foreign language communication is important. So, bad Korean tourism services can make foreign tourists feel anxiety and difficulty. If Korean solve these three problems and make an sustainable efforts, Korean tourism industry will be well-developed and Korea will be a tourism powerful nation in the

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