Importance Of Tourism In Pakistan Essay

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Pakistan has a rich exotic cultural heritage. Its hilly areas offer very attractive scenery of the natural objects. The winding rivers and sky high mountains are the favorite point of tourists. Thousands of foreigners visit Pakistan every year. Pakistan has also devoted much heed towards promotion of tourism that can add a lot to country’s national income. Pakistan is much cherished by visitors and providing them more facilities and security, tourism can be promoted. In construction Pakistan has beaten many countries in having top engineers and has many landmarks as; Tarbela dam is the World’s largest earth filled dam and 2nd largest dam in terms of structural volume. Pakistan owns world’s largest irrigation network, which is one of the major success of Pakistani engineers. The Karakorum Highway has been termed as World’s highest paved international road that serves as terrestrial link for trade between Pakistan and China and having the overall height of 4,693 meters above the sea level it is referred to by many as the Eighth Wonder of the World. Gwadar port located in Baluchistan, on the shores of Arabian Sea, has been classified by experts as the World’s largest warm water deep sea port. Its location is strategic and important on international level because the region surrounding it has the…show more content…
Pakistan has been a victim of this calamity for many years. Terrorism has caused immense destruction in Pakistan but Pakistan has faced this for many years and a lot of people had lost their lives due to terrorism. However, Pakistan has fully paid its contribution in eradication of this problem and the recent operation of Zarb-e-Azab by Pakistan army has diminished the rate of terrorism to a great extent. But still in the western world Islamic countries are blamed overall for terrorism and this is a major cause of dispute in

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