Importance Of Tourism In South Africa

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South Africa is a vast, beautiful and diverse country. Down south, Cape Town is South Africa 's gateway to its major attractions, with idyllic beaches, vibrant neighbourhood and lively nightlife. With the same cosmopolitan vibe, Johannesburg is the most visited city in South Africa and is considered as the the commercial heart of the country. In the northeast, you will find one of Africa 's premier safari destinations and home to an incredible variety of wildlife, the Kruger National Park. The landscapes and landforms are diverse so is the people. South Africa has a plethora of official languages, 11 to be exact, and more than a dozen tribes living in different parts of the country. Despite its tragic past, South Africa is on its way to becoming Africa 's holiday capital.

Getting Around

South Africa has an excellent infrastructure which makes travel easier than expected. With organized and well maintained road systems, good air links and bus networks, a combination of air and road travel is recommended for visitors with more than 10 days of stay. If you only have limited days in South Africa, then just take a flight between two or three key destinations. And of course, there can be no better way of exploring the country than to board a train traversing otherworldly landscapes.


Health Care - South Africa has several world-class private hospitals and medical centres providing specialist services by highly

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