Importance Of Tourism In Sri Lanka

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Let us talk a bit about Sri Lanka as a country. Sri Lanka is a country of 1600 km. It has a lot of beach coastline, offering windsurfing, kayaking, yachting, water skiing, scuba diving, or simple relaxing and getting perfect tan.
Beach Sri Lanka This country is a perfect place for tourists all year. It stays the tourist destination at any season, because of two-weather system, which makes Sri Lanka a beach holiday through the whole year.
However, what about the main destinations? Where do people like to spend their time in Sri Lanka?

Map of Sri Lanka

For example:
1) Bentota is very famous for its golden beaches and luxury resorts.
2) Unwatuna is known as a place for non-limited parties and clubbing.
Sri Lanka nature

Well, I would not really consider this tourism as very sustainable because as we know luxury hotels use lot of resources, such as water, for instance and parties bring noise pollution, as well as requires resources, and of course motor boats produce pollution into water. But, of course, there are advantages as well, such as: lots of new jobs opportunities and economical income. However, Sri Lanka definitely develops sustainable tourism.
Unfortunately, there are still certain issues, which can be improved. There is no information given about any changes from unsustainable huge hotels to small beach villages or bungalows which require smaller amounts of resources. However, If we make a small research about Sri Lanka,

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