Importance Of Tourism In The Economy Of India

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Abstract This economic journal expresses how the Indian economy is being benefitted by the tourism sector, and how the tourism ministry in India is encouraging more international and domestic travel by launching campaigns worldwide like “Incredible India” and domestic campaigns like “athithi devo bhava”.


Tourism has emerged as the world’s major social phenomenon of societies which is driven by the urge of humans to explore more, understand more, learn more and experience more. In today’s date tourism is the leisure activity of the masses, with people travelling to domestic and international destinations to get rid of the flatness of life. Tourism has played quiet an important role in the development of many countries with sizeable economic benefits and
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Words are few to explain the magnificence of India. India is a very diverse country with many cultures and traditions to explore. The beauty of India’s tradition, festivals, dresses, heritage sites are very popular amongst international and domestic travelers. India has many scenic places like Manali, Goa, Kerala, Kashmir, etc. these places are prime attractions of travelers from across the world. The government of India has set up ministry of tourism in order to boost tourism in India. The tourism ministry has taken many vivid steps to

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