Importance Of Tourism In The Philippines

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The Philippines is an archipelago in Southeast Asia made up of over 7000 islands. Apart from its urban sprawls, it is a country of outstanding beauty,super friendly people combined with rich history and cultural tradition. This exotic scattering of islands lures both local and international tourists to explore its many natural wonders. There are millions of reasons to come to Philippines, but the top five destinations which are definitely worth a visit are outlined below.

EL NIDO (Palawan); Philippines last frontier. Hailed as one of the best island and beaches in the world by various international agencies, the pristine wonders of El Nido beckon everyone. Situated in Bacuit Bay,in the northernmost tip of Palawan,its remoteness remained undiscovered as late as 1979,when it was accidentally discovered by fishermen after an accident on the sea. With almost 45 islands and islets, El Nido, is presently a showcase of the country 's geological and biological diversity. From towering marble cliffs with stunning sunset views to enchanting hidden lagoons, white sandy beaches, lush green jungle, mangroves and vivid marine life, makes El Nido, the paradise that it is nowadays. Having the largest marine sanctuary in the entire Philippines, El Nido has rightly been accorded the status of a management resource protected area, in recognition of this unique ecosystem, by the Government. This top tour destination of Palawan is often referred

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