Importance Of Tourism In Tourism Industry

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1 INTRODUCTION Logistics is concerned with getting the products where they are needed and when they are desired. The operating responsibility of logistics is the geographical repositioning of raw materials, work in process, and finished where required at the lowest cost possible. Logistics is practiced for ages since organized activity began. Franchising is a major expansion strategy for hospitality firms into a global market, especially hotels and restaurants to name a few Marriott 's, Hyatt, Hilton Accor, IHG, McDonalds, KFC are a very few examples. Franchise play a very important role in tourism industry. In global markets franchising add value to the chain by enhancing and understanding the local values culture and customs. Franchising is one of the two main types of operations of which the other one owning. Franchising provides restaurants and hotels with stable franchising revenue. Significance of Logistics. Logistics is one of the most important activities these days. A few figures can be used to illustrate this assertion. Logistics costs represent significant part of company’s sale, as shown in the figure 1.1 for the transportation of logistics Companies by SJ Consulting Group and The Journal of Commerce (2012). Table 1.1 The 2012 list of the second annual ranking of the Top 50 Transportation and Logistics Companies by SJ Consulting Group and The Journal of Commerce. The list ranks companies from five continents by revenue and provides information on
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