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“A Fair is an adventure – Life is boring enough” (Huckemann et al., 2005)

Fairs play since their beginning in the times of the Roman Empire, has continually played an important role in the marketing of products and services. In its long history, many different types of fairs and trade exhibitions evolved with sometimes very distinct features for specific branches.

As part of this comprehensive construct, trade fairs evolved mainly as an exchange platform for all participants of a specific industry with the key purpose of boosting the economy. Some trade fairs have their sheer mean of existence in generating its exhibitors a sufficient amount of orders. Others further evolved and offer its visitors a wide variety of activities such as expert
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This inevitably leads to a mainly marketing driven point of view. Technical aspects such as precise timetables, use of specific material and technologies or the cost calculation are considered to be ongoing research. This paper will create a profound overview of the trade fair industry in general with benchmarks and its most common success factors and pitfalls. It will thereby lie the main focus on trade fairs only open to professional visitors (No access for the public). In a second step, it will present a comprehensive list of recommendations tailored for Mammut on how to improve their trade fair appearance based on the before mentioned goals. Benchmarks are limited to industry-wide data provided by books, as Mammut’s competitors are not willing to provide any specific data concerning their trade fair stand. All in-depth study of the provided recommendations is subject to ongoing research. This paper in its entirety will serve as useful foundation to create a well-devised trade fair…show more content…
1.4.3 Corporate identity / Corporate design

1.4.4 Live Communication
Live Communication defines any kind of direct interaction of brands and customers in a staged and often emotionally appealing environment (Nickel, 2007)
The main goal is the creation of unique and sustainable memories. Instruments used are typically all types of fairs, events and brand lands. (Kirchgeorg et al., 2009)
1.4.5 Stand
As the Cambridge Dictionary says, an exhibition stand is defined as a section of an exhibition where a particular company shows their products or information about their products. (Combley, 2011)
1.4.6 Trade Fairs
According to the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act of Germany, the “Gewerbeordnung Deutschland”, Paragraph 64 states a trade fair is a repeating event presenting an entire market with all its offers of one or more economic branches, presented to commercial resellers, commercial end-users or merchants (GewO,

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