Traffic Information System Research Paper

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Nowadays, any system that collect reliable traffic information which is useful for wide population must be in mind for the society because the information increases the ability of improvement of any community. The information in our society is power and everybody try to get it from any trustworthy source. Moreover, if these information is not available using any other business activity then, the system innovates and improves the current commercial systems.

The traffic information is available today using several kind of dispositives. The local, regional or national governments uses the traffic information for maintenance services, for traffic statistics or for traffic light coordination. Anyway this information is used for trying to improve the road infrastructure of the city, region or country or in some cases, to improve the traffic jumps. But this information would be useful for everybody because anybody would change their actions according to the current status of the traffic flow. For example, the people whose jobs are related with traffic status or even medical aid.
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So we do not get only information about the traffic density in one particular moment, but we try to provide information about any displacement with real but not calculated
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