Characteristics Of A Traitor

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From the beginning of history, traitors have torn friends, teams, and even nations apart. Out of all the hideous crimes possible, treason is one of the most destested acts. As stated by Miguel de Cervantes, “The treason pleases, but the traitors are odious.” The reason for treason is generally revenge or self-benefit. While a traitor’s actions may be praised at first, those who choose to participate usually suffer eventually. Once someone has decided to revoke their loyalty to a nation or a group, they place themselves in a position where they are loyal to no one and no one is loyal to them. Often traitors are left on their deathbeds without support from the country they helped, but with the country they betrayed still chiding them for their act. Although a traitor is a dubious character that ultimately seeks revenge, he can actually be helpful to those he chooses to betray. Traitors generally are most…show more content…
In an attempt to help the South, John Wilkes Booth shot the Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States during the Civil War. Since Booth lived in the United States, shooting the President could be considered the ultimate act of betrayal. John Wilkes Booth thought that Abraham Lincoln’s newly formed Union would die with him, giving the South a chance to make a comeback. Unfortunately for John Wilkes Booth, that was not the case; his actions proved to do the opposite. While Abraham Lincoln was still alive people were unsure of their trust in him, but after Lincoln was assassinated, he became a martyr loved by almost everyone. The Northerners were united through a hatred for Booth and a newly formed love for Abraham Lincoln. Booth had attempted to destroy the North’s morale; however, the loss of their President brought many Northerners together as a united front when they could have easily been in a desolate post-war
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