South African Leadership Theory

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Leadership is about followship
A South African study investigated a link between transformational leadership, meaning and organizational outcome variables. Positive correlation were found between transformational leadership, meaning and organizational citizenship behavior corroborating the notion that transformational leaders, through the process of framing, can create a meaning and in turn inspire subordinates to “go the extra mile”. It presents two contemporary leadership theories with a common theme. They view leaders as individuals who inspire followers through their words, idea and behaviors. These theories are charismatic leadership and transformational leadership.
How charismatic leaders influence followers,
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In order to be a leader you must have followers and followers must have a leader it is reciprocal. Followers view and expect leaders to inspire them through their words, idea and behaviors. The more ideal leadership is transformational leadership because it eliminates followers who are “yes-people” but rather create followers to be more creative and innovative. Even though charisma and transformational leadership are almost the same, transformational leadership it creates a conducive environment for the followers to assume a sense of responsibility to be actively involved and eliminate…show more content…
Charisma leadership should lead to influence and to deliver but such is nonexistence. Leadership that is in place is not that driven to get results. The problem which could be attributed to that could be that if there are any leaders that are in place they rely on single style and are not flexible and not interested into trying other innovative styles to suite the changing environment. When one is a leader such individual will be dealing with other people and people are very sensitive. Therefore there is a need to acquire emotional intelligence which will enable the leader to manage relationships. Leaders have the ability to create an environment for its followers to perform to the best of their ability. The other predicament at Transnet could be possible that managers are seen as leaders and therefore wearing two hats at the same time. That will amount to two roles being performed at the same time and that is why there is a high level of stress on these individuals who perform both the functions of being a leader and manager at the same. This has an impact on poor or failure to lead or manage. Managers have title and leaders do not have title. In order for Transnet to deliver on its mandate and to remain sustainable it requires leader who will more like to be transformational
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