Importance Of Translation In Language

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Asking students to do translation in the class is an old idea. But, the following questions should be considered in comparing: Have any important ideas been lost in the translation process? Does this loss affect the meaning of the text? Have any of the sentence structure alterations affected the meaning and interpretation of the text? Are any changes to the cohesion and coherence important to the meaning? What are the skills to set forth correct translation?
“Translation does not have to be a lone, pointless struggle between student and text” (Tan, 2008). Many other approaches are possible. The skill could be introduced purposefully and imaginatively into the language learning process. If one could shift the emphasis from learning translation as a set of discrete skills (although it may have its own merits) to using translation as a resource for the promotion of language learning, such might be used to one’s advantage for interpretation and functional use.
The researcher herself, being a paper adviser had seen the dilemma of the broadcasting and journalism students in translating interview texts from Filipino (Tagalog) to English. As a language editor, she found difficulty in correcting reworded theses texts due to so many notable reasons. One of these was the role the English teachers play in the translation class. Does translation in the classroom accelerate or retard the learning process? Does it prevent the students from developing sound second language skills? Does it,
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