Arabic Translation Essay

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This paper discusses the impact of translation in all walks of life. An individual feels an urge in learning different languages for some specific purposes. The need and importance of translation is felt increasing day by day. Besides enlightening it proved to awaken India to become conscious of their existence and knit India together as a nation throughout history. The best example of it can be found when Akbar set up Maktabkhana or translation bureau, which encouraged translators of Sanskrit, Turkish and Arabic texts into Persian. It also helped strengthening the voice of weaker and marginalised people against oppression and atrocities. Translation has become not only desirable, but indispensable in our prevailing circumstances. Keywords: Familiarize, Advancement, Heritage, Enlightenment, Disseminated, Hegemony. A large number of languages are spoken or written all over the world, and, as such, an individual would not like to remain…show more content…
Arabic translations were not the only cause of renaissance but they prove as catalytic agents of great transformation. They accelerated the arrival of enlightenment. Translation has also helped in assimilation of Indian literature. In medieval times Indian literature was disseminated by the means of systematic translation of the great epics and other important books. British who came here had only political dominance, but culturally they were dominated by Indians, as well depicted by Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal: Yunani Misri sub mit gaye jahaan se Kuchh baat hai ki hasti miteti naheen hamari Sed-ye raha dushman dori jahan hamara The Greeks, the Egyptians, the Romans have ceased [civilization] There is something within that prevents us from being
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