Importance Of Translation Skills

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Nowadays, having ability in using foreign language especially English is essential since it is the International language. There are many language skills that we have to master in order to be able to use foreign language (English) well. One of skill that we have to master is translation. By having good translation skills, learners can understand English both spoken and written easier since communication among different nations using different languages is feasible through translation. For example, when Indonesians learn English, they have to be able to use English either spoken or written well. To use English well, one of language skills that they have to master is translation skills.
Larson (1984:3) states that translation is transferring the meaning of the
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It is meaning which is being transferred and must be held constant. From the definition above, it can be concluded that translation skill is really important since it will help foreign language learners in interpreting, communicating and delivering their messages. On the other hand, making translation is not as easy as we might think. In translating from source language (SL) to target language (TL), translator has to consider many factors such as, readability, naturalness, equivalent and meaning accuracy. It is done in order to make the reader understand the result of translation. Moreover, making translation for different kinds of text needs different technique and process too. For example, when we translate descriptive text and recount text, we need different technique and process. If we are wrong in choosing the process, it will yield mistranslation. For instance, if we use material process in translating descriptive text, that text will be a recount text instead. Descriptive text is a text which depict or describe in words the image of certain person, animal, thing, and location or place. Although

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