Essay About Transportation And Communication

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Transportation & communication
Transportation might be a considerable expense depending on where you live and where you need to go. Most of us have a car, so that is where we start looking.

Lowering gas consumption might start with altering your driving style:

• Slow down when you drive, avoid fast accelerations and keep a steady pace.

• Keep your vehicle maintained.

• When you need to go shopping then do not go several times, do all the shopping in one go.

• You might be able to avoid driving all together at least for part of your shopping by using the internet, which in itself might save you a lot of money.

• Your employer might allow for using the “home office” occasionally thus avoiding driving.

Choosing the right
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• Even for cars of the same size, there might be considerable difference in cost per mile. Checking out car reviews may save you a bundle.

• A motorbike might be both much cheaper than a car and much more fun.

Alternative means of saving:

• In Denmark, cycling has become extremely popular. Is it much cheaper, it keeps you fit and you get a lot of fresh air.

• Some put on the backpack and run to and from work each day making this their daily exercise. A famous Danish health professor once told that he could drive to work in 40 minutes and run there in 60, so he considered it a fabulous deal that he could get 1 hour of exercise for the cost of 20 minutes.

• Many urban citizens have dropped the personally owned car all together or have settled with a “share car” / carpool.

• Let others drive or find a co-worker with whom you can share driving-cost.
• Use public transportation.

• Let your children take the bike to school instead of driving them and help them keep healthy and fit.

If you want to make sure you make the soundest economical decision, you will need to calculate the cost of your different

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