Importance Of Transportation In Malaysia

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THE TRANSPORT INDUSTRY IN MALAYSIA AND ITS RELATIONSHIP TO THE TOURISM INDUSTRY The definition of the transportation is the movement of people from one place to another. Air, road, rail, and water are the examples of transportation modes. This field can be divided into three which is include infrastructure, vehicles, and operations. Transportation is the most important because it enables one person to go to the other place. Which is essential for the development of civilizations. Travel and Tourism are basically used interchangeably in normal conversation though the two do not mean one thing. The transportation industry plays the important role to take the responsibility for tourist to reach their destination.The tourism industry cannot exist if there 's no transportation as the two of it depends on each other. Therefore, we can say that tourism and transportation have a strong positive correlation. To explain that, if there 's no transportation provided and it cannot relate to tourism industry it is because when we don 't have any transportation how can tourists from the other country to visit Malaysia. Transportation also can be discussed without taking tourism into consideration but clearly, tourism cannot thrive without travel. Transportation is the part of the tourism industry and is principally due to the improvements of transportation that Tourism has expanded, and it helps tourists from the other country can get easily to our country which is in Malaysia. We should

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