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The definition of the transportation is the movement of people one place to another. Air, road ,rail ,and water are the examples of transportation modes. This field can be divided into three which is infrastructure, vehicles and operations. Transportation is the most important because it enables trade between persons. Which is essential for the development of civilizations. Travel and Tourism are basically used interchangeably in normal conversation though the two do not mean one thing. The transportation industry play the important role to take the responsibility for tourist to reach their destination.The tourism world cannot exist if there’s no transportation as the two of it depends on each other. Therefore, we can say that tourism and…show more content…
Firstly the bus where there are many companies that operate on certain routes. Almost every bigger city in Malaysia has its own central bus station,often more than one. At these bus stations. You can often o to information desk and ask which company they advise you to take to a certain destination. Usually, the more expensive bus companies offer quite the luxurious experience. Buying the cheapest ticket might not the best option for tourists to choose.well known routes on the peninsular Malaysia are between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and Johor bahru which is along the way. Between kuala lumpur and between kuala lumpur and Kuantan. There are also daily buses from Puduraya (central bus station in kuala Lumpur) to nearby tourists like Malaca, port dickson, Genting Highlands and Fraser hill. You can also travel through Borneo by bus, though this might not be the best options unless you have ample during your trip. When you travel through Borneo you have to take the into account that the island is less developed and organized is less dependable. Commonly, after heavy rains roads become inaccessible for hours or even days. Between the bigger cities, you should be able to find reliable services. For example, between Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan in Sabah, and between Kuching Miri and Sarawak. It is not possible to travel by bus from Sarawak to Sabah without taking any short flight. Taxis in major are usually fitted…show more content…
Malayan railways or Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad( KTMB) connects all major towns in the peninsular. First, Economy air conditioned coaches are available for tourists. Because the northbound Langkawi departs nightly from Kuala Lumpur to Arau in kedah will arrive in the morning, sleeping berths are provided in the first class coaches. All express services have restaurant coach serving local and continental cuisine. This facilities that the tourists can get if their travel by using rail, and this is prove that our transportation is a good services. Tickets may be purchased 60 days in advance from the date of travel. Children from four to twelve are charge half the adult fare whilst those below four travel free. There are available to foreign tourist is the 30 day or 10 day tourist rail pass which provides unlimited travel on KTM during the period. Meanwhile, in Sabah there is North Borneo railway a narrow gauge line through the Sungai Padas from Tenom to Beaufort, these railways offer tourist trips lasting four hours on Wednesday and Saturday so that the tourists can enjoy the scenery of green life through the Sungai Padas

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