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Nepal travel information is a general knowledge for visitors such as tourist visa, trekking information, place to see, world heritage site, major cities, how to get Nepal, outdoor attraction, money, water and health, accommodation facility, education system and so on. Nepal is a small landlocked country with eight world highest mountain peaks. The diversity of culture, society, ethnic group, geography, and language are exquisite. It is interesting for all travel lovers. Nepal travel information is important for a pilgrim to explore new things. Before a choice, think twice if you decide to visit outside from your hometown. It is essential to know a place to eat, tour sites, culture, society, people, law, act, visa and precaution of a place. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, which is situated 1350 m (4429 foot) above the sea. It is 700 miles far from the sea. The valley has at least 600000 houses, 630000 motorbikes, 600000 vehicles and 6 million people. Further knowledge is given in below. Tourist Visa and Photographs > Multiple entry 15 days - 25 US Dollar or equivalent convertible currency. > Multiple entry 30 days - 25 US Dollar or equivalent convertible currency. > Multiple entry 90 days - 100 US Dollar or equivalent convertible currency. Note: To…show more content…
Take a service only with the government authorized travel and trekking agencies. Use only government licensed holder tour, trekking guides and reliable porters. Great Himalaya Trail is 1700 km long, which found in 2008 that takes 156 days for hiking. Kali Gandaki is the deepest gorge (6967 m deep) in the world. Longest waterfall is Hytung (365 m long) and longest suspension bridge is Mahakali (1453 m

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