Essay On Travel Sports

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An issue that is hotly debated is weather or not travel sports are necessary. Most people think that travel sports are necessary, but research shows that travel sports are not very necessary. Many kids think that they have to play a travel sport to be good at that sport, but honestly if you play for a travel team it doesn’t mean they are necessarily amazing at that sport. Kids will go on bragging about how good they are at a sport just because they made a travel team. Travel sports are not necessary because they cost a lot of money, kids can get injured really bad, and travel sports take time away from hanging with family. For starters, one reason why travel sports are not necessary is because kids get injured. Kids can get seriously hurt…show more content…
According to Centres Of Disease Control it states that “In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control reported a positive correlation between students who participated in high levels of physical activity and improved academic achievement, decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes, improved weight control, and less psychological dysfunction” (Merkel). This is significant because when kids play travel sports they lose weight, and it decreases the risk of different diseases. To continue, when kids are playing travel sports they spend less time on electronics. When kids are in travel sports it helps take time away from electronics and entertainment on a social media. It also decreases the amount of unnecessary snacking (Merkel). This illustrates that when kids are active in travel sports they aren’t on there electronics and snaking as much. Also, when kids are more active in travel sports both boys and girls eat fruits and vegetables more. “A 2000 study reported by Pate et al investigated the relationship between participation in sports and health-related behaviors in US youth. Both male and female athletes were more likely to eat fruit and vegetables, and less likely to engage in smoking and illicit drug-taking (Merkel). This is important because if kids are active in travel sports they will be more likely to eat fruits and vegetables instead of chips and
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