Importance Of Trust In Othello

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The Importance of Trust Trust is built with consistency. However, it is inevitable to stay away from people who lie and break the trust invested in them. Bob Marley emphasized his point that everyone is going to hurt others, but finding the “ones worth suffering for” is essential. Trust may sometimes take years to construct, seconds to break, and a lifetime to earn back. Trusting in people is not and never will be easy, but if that trust is earned it builds loyalty, makes people feel more comfortable, and illustrates reliability. Each relationship strives for dependability in each other. Cheating and lying is less likely to occur when a strong support system is built between two individuals. Although, an expert estimated that “25% of men and 14% of women cheat in a lifetime; another said they thought it was between 20-60% of couples in a lifetime” (Cory Stieg 1). Just like in Shakespeare 's play, Desdemona refused to give up on Othello even though he lost all of his trust for her since she was believed to have cheated on him for Cassio. Even after Othello put an end to Desdemona’s life for causing him pain, she remained loyal to him by blaming her death on herself. The trust she had in him was not returned, but she was smitten. The assurance Desdemona had in Othello is desired in many relationships, but the trust must go both ways or it will end up badly. Trust has a significant amount of interpretations. In “The Courting of Marvin Clark” Marvin had a difficult decision

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