Importance Of Trust In Othello

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Trust is a very feeble concept. It requires a lot of work in order to gain trust, yet one simple action could cause you to lose it. This is a prevalent theme found in many pieces of literature including “The Courting of Marvin ClarK”, Othello, and the Bible. Trust is the foundation for many different relationships in life because it is the ability to rely on those around you. It is important because it is the basis for making a good decision, building a marriage, and establishing a religious faith. In Shakespeare 's Othello, Othello 's marriage begins to deteriorate due to the lack of trust in his bond with his wife. They had recently gotten married and required the years it takes in order for a couple’s trust to be solidified. Due to this rift, Iago was able to wedge his lies into their marriage causing the rift to widen. Some would argue that love conquers all and that the lack of trust should not dissolve a marriage. However, that is not the case in Othello’s marriage and in most marriages worldwide. When their trust was broken, Othello turned against Desdemona and was unable to see her as the person he once married. In the beginning of the play Othello tells Iago Desdemona had became” [his] soul’s joy,” since they met and believes their marriage will last (II.I.200). Even though Othello believe Desdemona would be loyal to him because,” she had eyes and chose [him]” they still hadn’t been married for a long time when their trust was tested (III.III.194).However, when
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