How To Write A Narrative Essay About Basketball Game

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Next. Do it again. And again. And again. It was pretty intimidating to try out for volleyball freshman year. There were coaches left and right watching us. There had to be at least 100 girls just waiting to see if we would make varsity, jv, or freshman team, or even a team at all. Mile times, verticals, amount of pushups we could do, were all recorded. Keep in mind that I had never played on an organized sports team in my life. The reason I decided to tryout was because I wanted to get involved during my first year of high school and make new friends. Even though it was a little tough, it was completely worth it. On the third day of tryouts, the decision had been made and one by one, we went in to the gymnasium to find out our fate. Luckily, my hard work had paid off and…. I made freshman team! As excited as I was, I knew the real hard work was yet to come. It took a little bit of time to sink in. It wasn’t until the uniforms and the team gym bags were handed out that I really began to think, hey it’s time to put in work, I’m actually going to be playing in real games soon. A lot of girls a part of the team I knew thankfully.…show more content…
Time for our first scrimmage. Now this was not an actual game. It didn’t count for our winning and losing streak. It was basically just our first time playing against another team at another school with an audience. Nervous was a word that came to our minds. Would we be good? Could we work together? Could we remember our court formation? Biggest thought we had was, could we win? We warmed up. We shook hands with or opponents. We began. It wasn’t easy. One of the key things of being on the court was communication. That was easily our weakness. You had to speak up, say things like, “my ball”, and “I got it!”. We lost that first scrimmage. The second and last scrimmage we also lost. This is when I actually cried, legitimate tears. I hated losing. It was humiliating! I knew we could do
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