Importance Of Uniformity Of Rights

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Uniformity of Rights
The modern goal of every individual is to have Uniform Laws for both Men and Women. Gender equality is a moral principle which every individual must follow. In the developing world everyone demands for equality, where most of the people are active supporter of Feminism, which simply means equal opportunities for both men and women without any discrimination. Who wants Equality between Men and Women and gender justice in all aspect. The fight for equal rights of women got ignited long ago. Due to which women have got their rights to an extent. One of the raging fight for equality is now for equality under the Personal Laws. India being a culturally rich nation has various religions, which is governed by their respective personal laws. Like Hindus are governed by Hindu Law, Muslims are governed by Muslim law etc. And hence has differential rights for both men and women. Which in a way diminishes the value of women against men, where Men enjoy the superior post and women faces exploitation. And hence there is urgent need for the call of Uniformity of Rights under Personal Laws.

Constitution of India
The Constitution of India prohibits any kind of discrimination on the basis of caste, sex, religion, race or place of birth. It is the institution which lays down the roots of equality of all. Fundamental Rights under Article 14-24 provide for equality of rights for every individual and on the other hand Article 25-30 advocates for protection of
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