Importance Of Uniqueness In Thailand

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Thailand is a country with valuable resources for tourism due to the natural resources, art, culture and the rich history. The uniqueness of each part of Thailand attract tourists to visit Thailand and creates the tourism industries which also brings lots of income to the country as well as enhance the economic and social prosperity (Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2014). The long history with many fascinating cultural heritage is the foundation of Thai tourism and also the important factor of Thai tourism promotion and development that proudly inherit. The tourist attraction such as unique and charm historic cities, the exquisite and elegant architect of Thai temples, many historic buildings and historical parks are important as the World Heritage Site. There are also the uniqueness of the culture, such as languages, body language, the nice hospitality and Thai smile are the charm of Thailand in the eyes if tourists. All the action of Thai people expresses from their beliefs and values which are including culture, tradition, lifestyle, food, art, religion, painting, sculptures, architectures, literatures, music, Thai dancing and so on are called “Way of Thai or Discover Thainess for the project of Tourism Authority of Thailand”. The outstanding Thainess that popular among tourists include Thai food, Thai massage, Thai boxing, and traditional festivals that occur in every seasonal the whole year round. Discover Thainess is one of tourism attraction that will help stimulate

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