Importance Of Urban Biodiversity Essay

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What is urban biodiversity? Urban biodiversity is the variety of richness and abundance of living organism (including genetic variation) and habitat found in and on the edge of human settlements. Urban biodiversity differs from place to place and is dependent upon the environmental condition of that area; and is unique to that area. Urban biodiversity is biodiversity in an urban environment, where the natural elements should be complementing the human creations. But, that is not the case in the present world we live in. The humanisation overpowers the natural habitat. The urban biodiversity includes everything from agricultural landscapes to urban industrial landscapes and from ornamental gardens and landscape to remnant vegetation. Importance of biodiversity…show more content…
Biodiversity is important because it follows the natural cycles of the environment. From getting water from natural sources to decomposition of the food that we eat, it is all because of the ecosystem, the important part of which is the biodiversity. A natural ecosystem can withstand and recover from natural disaster in a better way than the man-made urban environment. It also provides many services like soil formation and protection to pollution breakdown and absorption. When the natural system is disturbed, the entire cycle eventually gets disrupted, one problem leading to another, hence maintaining the natural environment is essential. Taking an example, ‘ When humans start cutting down trees that have naturally grown, there are many impacts to it. One, the fauna that is connected to that tree, lose their shelter. Two, the shade provided by the trees will now not be present, which maintained the temperature of that area. Three, the soil was held tight because of the trees starts eroding as it lose the hold. Fourth, the air quality gets

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