Importance Of Urban Parks

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In general urban parks are integrated into the fabric of urban areas; they are usually within an area that has a mixed-use development. Mixed-use development means a combination of residents, industries, culture, institutes and commercial uses (ARC, Atlanta Regional Commission, 2002). As mentioned before the success of an urban park is depending on its location, that it is visible, easy accessible and there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. Even though the location of the park is on the outside of the city centre, it still attracts a lot of visitors; the reason for this is because the park is easily accessed from a number of metro stations. But the design could be improved on its connection with the surroundings. For example the Royal Palace and its gardens is an important touristic attraction and even though the design made a visible connection with the gardens the connection for pedestrians is missing, so the relation between the Palace Gardens and the orchard is not clear.
Urban parks provide public spaces for social interaction and outdoor enjoyment in the urban context. Rio Madrid is divided into six districts for host cultural, leisure, sporting and environmental projects. Urban parks can be used to hold informal activities like community building and programmed events such as music festival. RIO Madrid has no specific areas designed for holding events. Urban parks provide leisure opportunities and create a visual identity to strengthen

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