Importance Of Vaccination In India

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Vaccination is the most cost effective and powerful weapon of prevention. Gone are the days when vaccines were only for kids. In today’s fast paced world, where there is little time to even fall ill, vaccinations are becoming imperative for adolescents and adults too. Many studies have proved that the financial burden that people and country face due to disease is much greater than vaccinating against those diseases. People are more aware of health and disease these days and it’s the duty of health care workers to inform them about the various diseases that they can evade by getting themselves vaccinated. However, if we talk about India, adolescents & adults have been long ignored as far as immunization is concerned. On one hand we are struggling…show more content…
It has been observed that around 40-45% of women in the childbearing age in India are susceptible to Rubella. Moreover, over 2 lakh babies are born with birth defects because of Rubella infection during pregnancy in the Indian sub-continent. CRS accounts for 10-15% of pediatric cataract. 10-50% of children with congenital anomalies have laboratory evidence of CRS. According to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), all females of child bearing age group should receive 2 shots of MMR vaccine if they are susceptible, at least 3 months before pregnancy. Susceptibility can be ensured by absence of immunization, absence of disease in the past and serological testing. However, serological testing is a costly procedure and requires two visits to the healthcare facility- one visit for testing and second for immunization thus immunization should be advised whenever immunity against Rubella is in…show more content…
The quadrivalent vaccine also protects against strain 6 & 11 of HPV that causes genital warts. Around 1.3 lakh women in India each year are detected with cervical cancer and more than 70,000 of them die. The cancer is the second most common cancer in India and leads to a high mortality mainly due to no awareness and dismal screening facilities. Thus, in the present scenario, the best defense we have against cervical cancer is prevention through vaccination. HPV vaccines are licensed to be used in 100 countries and are a part of school vaccination programs in 58 countries including our neighboring country Bhutan where the government is providing the vaccine free of cost to 6th grade girls and look to achieve an immunization rate of over 90%. It is high time that we stop ignoring this highly prevalent, deadly yet completely preventable

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