Arguments Against HPV Vaccines

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Vaccination is the most cost effective and powerful weapon of prevention. Gone are the days when vaccines were only for kids. In today’s fast paced world, where there is little time to even fall ill, vaccinations are becoming imperative for adolescents and adults too. Many studies have proved that the financial burden that people and country face due to disease is much greater than vaccinating against those diseases. People are more aware of health and disease these days and it’s the duty of health care workers to inform them about the various diseases that they can evade by getting themselves vaccinated.
However, if we talk about India, adolescents & adults have been long ignored as far as immunization is concerned. On one hand we are struggling
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There is no data on adult immunization coverage in India neither are there any recommendations in place and it is assumed that adult immunization is 15-20 years behind as far as large scale acceptance is concerned. A news report recently suggested that more than 95% deaths due to Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPDs) occur in adults. The cost incurred due to the morbidity caused by VPDs is unimaginable. Far less adults are fully vaccinated when compared to children. The reasons being:
• Many adults do not go to the doctor regularly, or do not have a primary care physician.
• Lack of awareness and adults think that vaccination is only for kids.
• No recommendations of vaccinations by family physicians as they themselves have little awareness about the same. It is possible as there are no recommendations and guidelines for adult immunization in India and very few physicians recommend their adult patients any vaccines.
• Adults are busy and ignore their health status for too
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This distribution may be real, because of overcrowding or vulnerability to the importation of new strains, or to suitable climatic conditions. Routine vaccination of the population at large is not recommended except during epidemic situations. Also, Meningococcal vaccine is recommended to be given to Haj pilgrims and other travelers visiting the countries where meningococcal disease is a major problem or where outbreaks are occurring, high risk groups, e.g. children living in orphanages, jail inmates, soldiers in Barracks
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