Importance Of Value Analysis

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Value analysis:
Value analysis is the study of products manufacturing, marketing and designed for the purpose of more cost-effective production. Value Analysis is one of the major methods of cost reduction and cost control.
All the products of Yamaha are manufactured with the goals of fulfilling the needs of the customers in value analysis. As it is the process in which the components are broken in to different parts thus each part can supportively be examined for efficiency and effectiveness.
The limitations are:
Lack of motivation
Resistive to change
Lack of knowledge
Lack of patience

Value engineering:
Value engineering is a method to improve the value of goods and services. Value can be defined as the ratio of function to cost. Value can be enlarged by improving the function or reducing the cost. Value engineering is the simple function that can be conserved and not be reduced as of pursuing value improvements.
Value engineering helps Yamaha in improving the quality management. It also simplifies the procedures. It minimizes the paper work of Yamaha. It also optimizes construction expenditure of Yamaha.
Value engineering should be performed as soon as possible before the assurance of funds. The approach depends upon creativity, concepts and teamwork done by Yamaha.

Reverse engineering:
Reverse engineering is the higher level of engineering. Reverse engineering is a process of repeating a present component or product, without the support of documentation.

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