Importance Of Value Based Education

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Valuing the ‘Value based Education’ Value Education, a process by which values are inculcated among people. It is transmitting a set of values which often come from religious customs or societal or cultural ethics. “Life is precious”, everyone knows that. However, If life is so precious, the values governing the life are equally important. Morals and Values are nothing, but a code we adhere to for living in a society which is civil and just. Values in education are the virtues that make up a human being. Values mould our behaviour, relationships, choices, and the sense of who we are. The greater the positivity in our values, the greater will be the positivity in our actions. This is one of the reasons for value based education being included in all types of learning, because it plays a great role for student’s becoming successful in their self chosen careers. Education is the vehicle of knowledge, success and self preservation. Education not only provides a platform for success, but also the knowledge of social conduct, character, strength and self-respect. The greatest gift that education bestowed upon us is the set of values (Indrani, Beena, 2012) In today’s “Market Oriented” society, Children are groomed to be professionals to grab the top paying jobs in the market. Therefore, while it is necessary to teach the child to fish instead of giving him a fish it is values that make a man. These values include the simple difference between right and wrong, a belief in God,

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