Moral Value Education Essay

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In the present day education system where the whole country in particular and the world in general are looking for a new world order, there is certainly a need for value education.The present existing society needs value education because the value crisis had arisen. Man mechanically lost good relations with fellow man. He became selfish and corrupted. He lost his moral values and learned to deceive. He is deprived of Divine qualities like love, kind, sympathy, morality, tenderness, truthfulness, cooperation and developed devilish qualities like cheating, deceiving, robbing, murdering and corrupting. So the need existed for Moral Value Education. As rightly restated by the Kothari commission, National policy on Education 1986 and
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The scores are reflected in the table variable wise.

Category No. of Teachers Mean S.D. Mean Difference C.R.
Gender Male 80 7.5 2.04 0.4 *2.66 Female 20 7.9 0.43
Teaching Experience Below 5 years 60 32.89 4.96 1.6 *3.40 Above 5 years 40 31.29 5.63
Type of Management Govt 70 31.54 4.90 1.11 *2.41 Private 30 30.43 4.76
*C.R. value significant at 0.05 levels.
On the basis of Critical Ratio values which are found to be significant at 0.05 levels, it can be concluded that all the three variables, Gender, Teaching Experience and Type of Management have a significant influence in the development of moral values with respect to the area Curriculum as assessed by the teachers.
Hypothesis 2 There is no significant influence of the variables in the development of moral values among high school students through Co-Curricular activities.

The critical ratio value for mean scores obtained upon the analysis of opinionspresented by the teachers with respect to the area Co-Curricular Activities are presented in table 5. The scores are reflected in the table variable
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