Importance Of Value Education

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In the present day education system where the whole country in particular and the world in general are looking for a new world order, there is certainly a need for value education.The present existing society needs value education because the value crisis had arisen. Man mechanically lost good relations with fellow man. He became selfish and corrupted. He lost his moral values and learned to deceive. He is deprived of Divine qualities like love, kind, sympathy, morality, tenderness, truthfulness, cooperation and developed devilish qualities like cheating, deceiving, robbing, murdering and corrupting. So the need existed for Moral Value Education. As rightly restated by the Kothari commission, National policy on Education 1986 and National Curriculum Frame work for school education 2000,there is a felt need for inculcating right from school age-
• Fellow-feeling and brotherhood among themselves
• Proper sense of responsibility and truthfulness.
• Positive attitude towards teachers, elders and parents.
• Concept of dignity of labour, service and sacrifice for noble cause.
• Attitude of tolerance towards the followers of other religions and communities.
• Attitude towards self-introspection and understanding of their conscious self and unity of mankind in general.
Thus, the present responsibility lies mostly with the school and teachers regarding the implementation of value education.Hence this study was taken up to study the opinions of school teachers of
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