Importance Of Value Education In Education

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ROLE OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IN INCULCATING VALUES VALUE CONCERNS AT SCHOOLS STAGE One of the major debates around value education is what values should be inculcated among students. As desired value education does not take place in isolation. It must be set in the context of the world in which we live. From an individual perspective, the core values which define basic human nature, needs to be nurtured and developed. Being honest, telling truth, expressing love, being loyal etc. are some of the core values which needs to be developed in every human being. These values develop peace and goodness in the society. These values are of binding nature and cut across regional, religious, social, cultural spectrum. These are considered to be eternal and timeless values which need to be inculcated in humans. They strive for harmony and peaceful living in the society. Value development cannot take place in isolation; it has to develop within context of the society. Not only local values, but one needs to be educated about the global values, since both are overlapping and interact with each other in this shrinking globalised world. VALUE INCULCATING TECHNIQUES THROUGH EDUCATION Values can be educated through various ways, some of which are 1. Values learnt from the lives of great leaders- lives of great people from India and around the world provide insight into what values one need to develop. Lives of leaders like Gandhi ,Nehru, Sardar Patel, S.C.Bose and other great freedom
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