Importance Of Value Education In The Military

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THE IMPORTANCE OF VALUES EDUCATION FOR TURKISH AIR FORCE Cihan SARACOGLU Turkish Air Force Academy Abstract: The values education, which begins in family, continues in schools with students that gain basic values in a formal structure. By the help of social values, a person individually can communicate with other people, and can create a suitable background to determine social statues. In an environment where students are given only the cognitive knowledge, individuals that forms society, will not to be able to gain affective gains like values, attitudes etc. There is no doubt that the most crucial thing for an army is education. Military institutions update their education programs in order to keep up with the fast-advancing war technology, and to understand changing management approaches. But the most important power for an army is character-wise and well-educated personnel. Therefore, values education in military institutions has vital importance. In this study, military dimension of values education will be analyzed. In this competitive age, all the Air Force Personnel should internalize the basic values to form mutual trust in an operation area. Finally, core values of Turkish Air Force which every airman should have will be analyzed. Key Words: Core Values, Values Education in Schools, Values for the Armies, Air Force and Core Values 1. INTRODUCTION Nowadays all systems’ primary need is well-educated and qualified man. An institution’s qualified man power is more

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