Value Influence On Consumer Behaviour

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The definition of value based on the characteristic on belief of individual that led their behaviours and attitudes. Other researcher say that value is considers as a belief or concept about the behaviours of individual that exceed of particularly condition, the behaviours of evaluation of individual and as a lead of individual selection. Value perform as a essential of guideline in individual activities, a person didn’t born with the value but the value come from the learning process via socialization in daily life.
The individual need to set their own values in their daily activities of utilization because mostly a person prefer to buying more service and product to achieve their own goal, their belief it will help them to gain the goal
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The value might change because of economies, culture and social situation. Some of the country consider the value is essential of consumer, and other view say that the value impact of their buying decision and attitude. It’s very important to study about the culture that influence of consumer behaviour mainly in term of the value in social consumer.
Values of consumers assist as point of focus in individual in task of cognitive, for example attitude formation study about the way of a person analysis about thing, person and places, the leading of formation attitude by learning of social, conditioning of respondent and operant conditioning.
The role as marketer is to bring the product or service toward customers, they need to have a knowledge regarding the value of individual in making decision of buying a product or service. As marketer they need to recognize what is value system so that their can understanding their customer value for buying decision. The value image of the companies based on the way their offering and promote their product brand to consumer that can bring the awareness of the product or service and obedience to our product or service.
Based on point of view psychological, the value has relationship with attributes that occur in product, attributes effect the effect of consumer, and personal value is increase by
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Values reflect on the individual purpose, in which bring the beneficial to the individual interest satisfaction, and the value is linked to the domains of motivational which is the essential in daily life of individual.
In addition, Schwartz (2006) identify the value system in two basic dimension, one dimension is” self-transcendence” (goodwill and religion) and “self-enhancement” (accomplishment and the power). Another dimension is “conservation” which included the individual conformity and security. “Openness to change” include the value of stimulation and self-direction.
Put in the simple word, just imagine there’s two marketer try to selling the product to you. For example smartphone. The first seller come to you and say that “this smartphone is the cheap rather than other place, you cannot get this price from other shop”. The second seller say to you “this smartphone is the original smartphone that come from Korean other shop is made from China”. The question is which information or statement that make you as customer convincing toward their

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