Values In Social Work

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What are values? According to, values are, “relative worth, merit, or importance.” Everyone has values that they live by and different meanings of their values differ from person to person. Whether it be personal values, work values, or community values, each value means something different people. Social workers have six core values that they live by: dignity and worth of the human person, integrity, service, competence, importance of human relationships, and social justice.
The value that I find most prominent in my life is respect. Respect plays a major role in treating people with kindness and overall being a better person. Some examples of respect that are portrayed in my life are as simple as listening when someone
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To explain, I was brought up in a private catholic school where the students needed to obtain a certain amount of service hours in order to graduate. With initiating that requirement, it forced me to become involved in the community. I volunteered at several food trucks, habitat for humanity, and at my church. Being out in the community has shaped my life by being able to appreciate the diversity of groups in the world and getting to know each and every person. Having the value of service and volunteerism is important for the profession of social work because it offers the opportunity to relate to the client when the client is in need of certain amenities. For example, if a client walks in the door and says they need clothing, I will have an idea of where to send them because I have volunteered at several locations that have clothing available. Not to mention, service is also a part of the six core values of a social worker. The NASW states, “Social workers are encouraged to volunteer some portion of their professional skills with no expectation of significant financial return” (5). Having background knowledge of different services is useful in helping the client receive what they need, but it is also useful as the social worker knows they are helping the client in a good…show more content…
In the NASW, it says, “Social workers understand that relationships between and among people are an important vehicle for change” (6). Every person has a different support system and having that support system is imperative of making a change within the individual. Some support systems may be family, friends, significant others, or coworkers, but it varies for each individual. My support system happens to be my family, and recognizing that I have a support system is important for the profession as it makes me realize that every person needs a support system to get through

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