The Value Of Sports Essay

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I believe in sports. I think that sports can teach everyone many values that they will carry on through out their life. Sports aren’t just for the “popular” or the “jocks”. I believe everyone can and should be in a sport, whether they’re shy or very social. There 's a huge variety of sports from individual to teams, and each sport can teach someone a new lesson. Sports have taught me many things including discipline, respect, teamwork, dedication, responsibilty, and time managment. All of these values carry into the future of almost every individual, no matter what they choose to do with the rest of their life. I learned many values from being in cross country, but mainly dedication and discipline. I learned these from waking up on wet, cold…show more content…
A very stressful expierience that I’ve gone through with time management occurred through the course of practice and drivers ed., I went right from school to a 2 hour practice and straight from practice to a 3 hour drivers ed class. This caused me to take every chance I got, to study and do my homework. I pushed all other distractions away and learned that I had to prioratize everything if I wanted to get things done. I think sports bring people a lot of benefits whether you’re in a physical sport or non-physical sport. These benefits are so beneficial due to the new generations to come it should almost be mandatory for any person capable of participating in a sport to do so. As our society continues to advance, us humans continue to grow lazier and lazier. This needs to stop, children are being forced to be occupied by a screen limiting their imaginations. This is also increasing the obesity rates. Simply having a gym class isn’t enough due to the poor diets and exercise kids are getting at home. There 's only so much we can do at school, but sports is defenetly a great solution to all these problems. It gets kids to be active and focus on
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