Duty And Integrity Analysis

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The Importance of Duty and Integrity Within the JTAGS Mission
Jirayut K Phirunchit
Bravo Detachment 1st Space Company

All Soldiers must follow the seven Army values, these values applies to all Soldiers in the US Army and it is no exception to the Soldiers in JTAGS. JTAGS serve as the Army’s premier missile warning system, providing a strategic level asset to the overall mission of the Army. The Soldiers assigned to JTAGS must live by the seven Army Values, and uphold those values both on and off duty. The importance of the JTAGS mission is to provide initial and accurate missile warning and situational awareness to allied combatants across the world. A JTAGS Soldier has a role that requires intelligence, awareness and utmost
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Integrity is one of the fundamental values that employers seek in the employees they hire (Heathfield, 2017). It is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work. Integrity is the foundation on which coworkers build relationships, trust in each other, and effective interpersonal communication. Any definition of integrity will emphasize these factors. Integrity is important to anyone that upholds the values, and apply to any job at hand or while working on any project. Showing integrity shows that the person has the qualities of honesty and morality. How integrity applies to real world scenarios can have various effects but a majority of the cases can provide a positive outcome in the long run. People who lack honesty will have repercussions and may cause the individual to experience guilt and signs of sorrow in the long run. There are some people that show no form of morality which cause them to think that their actions wouldn’t affect them in any way. People who have moral values and integrity tend to build trust with their coworkers and other people around them and can show the working environment that they can be trustworthy and can be relied…show more content…
The Army Values that every JTAGS Soldier follow applies to the mission on and off duty. Duty is all about fulfilling the obligation, so a JTAGS Soldier will have to play their role within the framework of the overall mission objective. They must be able to provide other units early warning and situational awareness as soon as possible. The Soldiers will also undergo training while on mission and their maintenance cycle and will retain this knowledge to avoid mission failures. The Soldiers have to uphold their integrity with the JTAGS mission in order to effectively communicate with each other and with other detachments and providing the right information. Honesty can also help the Soldiers to build trust with one another and make them more trustworthy for the mission at hand. Lack of integrity however, can result in severe repercussions during the mission and may cost lives and can cause conflict with one another. The JTAGS mission is a very important role that very few people can do and not many people are actually aware of, but it plays a vital role that may save lives of other Soldiers, so they know if they are a possible target of aircraft or missiles aimed at ground units. The warning may provide enough time for units such as Patriot, to take down the aircraft or missiles. Airborne targets are not the only thing that other units must be aware of that are provide by JTAGS. Situations where it may be high profile
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