Importance Of Varying Christmas

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Varying Christmases
The celebration of Christmas differs throughout the world. Whether you look at Australia, Bethlehem, Germany, or Mexico; there will be traditions that are similar and different. Though Christmas was brought about in one way, it has branched out to have varying meanings and traditions.
During Christmas it is the middle of summer in Australia; so that makes a big impact on how they celebrate the holidays. The meals served can be great in comparison to that we know while it can also be greatly different. Just as likely as it is to have the traditional turkey and plum pudding it is to have cold salads and barbeques with seafood. According to Santa’s Net “it is tradition to serve flaming Christmas plum pudding. A prize is cooked inside of the pudding and whoever gets the piece with the prize will have good luck.” The main Christmas meal is served at lunch time. Much of the Australian Christmas is similar to the American Christmas, and this includes decorations. Houses are often starting to be decorated by December 1st. Both houses and gardens are adorned with lights as well as wreaths and Christmas trees. “One decoration that is unique to Australia is the Christmas Bush. It is an Australian tree with green leaves and crème colored flowers that turn red at Christmas.” (Christmas in Australia, pg. 1) Neighborhood light competitions are big in Australia. Neighbors will go house to house looking at the lights and deciding whose is best. Since it is summertime

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