Importance Of Verbal Communication

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Effective Verbal Communication is very important in a health and social care setting because it helps the health care workers to develop their roles effectively so they can communicate with their colleagues. The service users could come from different cultures and different religions so no one should judge and discriminate. Verbal Communication has lots of advantages and is very useful for difficult problems in a one to one situations. For example a nurse discussing a patients results from a blood test in a one to one situation will use verbal communication. However it is also used in group situations like a support group, where the main speaker gives advice to people who need their questions to be answered.
On the other hand Verbal communication also has disadvantages. For example someone who has a visual impairment might find it difficult to see the person who they are communicating with in one to one and group situations. Another example is people who have English as an additional language might not understand what the person is trying to say and could be misunderstood in group and one to one situations.

Effective Non-Verbal Communication is very important because it can be used for service users with different needs. (Marked by Teachers, 2003 - 2013) “Non-verbal communication is a form of interpersonal interaction and is relevant when working in health and social care setting, within a few seconds of seeing someone you may be able to tell how they are feeling by
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