Importance Of Veterinary Medical Ethics

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Ethics are “rules” or guidelines that people should follow. In the veterinary world the ethics are set by the AVMA and by NAVTA. Ethics are set up to have members of a Veterinary staff to have high standards and good moral consciousness. NAVTA is organization that stands for the National Association Veterinary Technicians in America. NAVTA has a code of ethics that focuses on both practicing medicine and protecting the profession. (Prendergast) Veterinarians are members of the AVMA and of whom earn an academic degree to practice medicine and adhere to progressive codes of ethical conduct; which is known as the Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics (PVME). (AVMA)
The first ethical code is that all veterinary technicians should aid the society and the animals by providing excellent care and service to the animals. Meaning that as a veterinary technician one should be careful and aware at all times and understand sometimes the best care is not always the easiest choice.
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To me that means one should be careful with the words and how it is used, when giving bad news to clients. Making the ethical choice maybe putting the animal out of pain even though it will pain the owner; by offering compassion and understanding toward the person who has to say goodbye to his or her favorite pet will make a terrible situation hurt less.
Next in the code of ethics is that all technicians should remain competent through the commitment to life- long learning. Meaning that no client wants a hesitant technician because his or her pet is their baby and not knowing what one is doing is scary; because the client is trusting the technician to do his or her job with confidence. The technician should always be open-minded to new ways and techniques to help one improve
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